Friday, October 29, 2010

The Great Surprise of 2010

If you haven't heard our big news yet, it is that our one baby has now turned into two babies!!!!!

Yes, we are having TWINS and much to Chris's delight they are both BOYS!

My whole pregnancy I have been super sick and I couldn't hold food or water down for most of it. With both of my girls I got pretty sick so we just thought that I was getting worse with each child. When we went in for our 11 week checkup the doctor listened for the heart beat and I guess when she heard one heart beat she just stopped looking. Anyways last week I got sick with the flu and had to go in for another IV because I was getting super dehydrated. The doctor on call decided to to check the heartbeat to make sure the baby was doing OK since I had been so sick. She found it but just keep moving the monitor around my stomach with out saying anything. I didn't think anything of it until she asked if twins run in our family! I immediately said yes and WHY? (my oldest sister has fraternal twins) She then said she thought that she heard two heartbeats and that they were going to do an ultrasound.
As soon as they started the ultrasound I saw both of there heads and I knew it was twins. We are sooooo excited and can't believe that we just doubled our children :)

The best part for me is they said I was a week farther along than they thought and with twins 37 weeks is full term. Which means I get to knock a whole month off of my pregnancy and I am now due at the end of March!

The first picture is looking down on both of their little heads and you can kind of see their arms a little.

Baby A
Baby A

Baby B
Baby B

March can't come soon enough :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boys Already !?!

I didn't think we had to worry about boys until our girls were teenagers. I think Myla has other plans though. Today she went on her first car ride with a BOY!!! It was with our cute neighbor boy who she calls her 'boyfriend'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry about the bad photos, but it was too cute not to post)

Oct. 2010 035-2

Oct. 2010 034-2

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Chris and I are soon to be outnumbered by children. Baby #3 is joining our family April 2011!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lost and Found

August 059

Oh how we love this little girl, but oh how she loves to lose and scratch her glasses!

Here are a few places we have found her glasses:

In the grass outside (3 times so far)
In the garbage can (twice)
Behind the couch
In the toy box (lost count)
Under beds
In closets
In their case (We thought we had lost them for sure this time because we never thought she would actually put them where they were meant to be put!)

Here are a few things we have caught her doing to her glasses:

desperately trying to make the cat wear them
running over them with her bike on the asphalt
rubbing the lenses on the cement
coloring on them with crayons

If she wasn't so darn cute she would definitely be in a lot of trouble!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I swore I never would

Before I had children I swore that I would never ever ever buy those ugly Velcro shoes with cartoon characters on them.
Kittens July 2010 061-2

I guess things change when you watch your little girls faces light up over them :)
(Oh, did I mention they also light up!!! My children are officially in the ugly shoe club!!!)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ava's New Look

Ava's Glasses 012
Ava finally got her glasses today!!! We are not sure if she likes them yet. I have found them all over the house, car, and even caught her trying them on her cat.

I know that I may be biased because I am her Mommy, but I think she looks adorable in them!
(she wouldn't look at the camera unless we asked her to show us the toy lizard)

Ava's Glasses 023

I am so happy that she can finally see! It broke my heart to find out that she could not see very well.
Here is the story of what happened if you don't already know it

Her left eye started to turn inward so we took her to a pediatric eye doctor. He told us that in her left eye(the one that was turning in) she could not see close or far away and her right eye also had some issues. They are going to try the glasses first and if that doesn't correct it then they will try a patch or surgery. I am just so relieved to know that she is seeing better. I hated watching her struggle and rub her little eye trying to make it see right.

Ava's Glasses 031

We love you Ava Jean and you look beautiful!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Fun

July is my most favorite month ever!!! The fourth of July is my favorite holiday and my b-day just so happens to be in this fabulous month. (sorry for the picture overload)

We went up to the Highland Splash Pad for the first time today and the girls loved it!
July 2010 083 - Copy
Ava being Ariel (little mermaid) on the rocks singing
July 2010 045 - Copy
Miss Myla being Ariel on the rocks. She has to have the pose just right and will tell Ava she is not doing it right all the time.
July 2010 053 - Copy
We were invited up to our friends private lake in Salem Canyon. I just brought my little camera so my pictures aren't that great.

We got to take the girls out on a canoe and a pedal boat (Sorry I didn't get any pictures of it)
July 2010 110

This isn't a good photo, but I wanted to remember how much Ava loved these swings. If she wasn't already on them then she was bawling for someone to push her on it.
July 2010 115

It was so pretty up there
July 2010 121
Ava had sand and rocks in places that I didn't think were possible!
July 2010 125
I hate that July is already half over. What the heck it just started getting warm and now it is almost over! I am not OK with that!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Super Capes'

Myla had to get her stitches out today. She was really scared about it and when I told my Mom she came up with the idea to make her a 'Super Cape' so she could be brave!

Super Capes 063 Of course she had to make Ava one too and she even put their initials on the back. 'M' is for Magic Myla and 'A' is for Amazing Ava.

Super Capes 040

The cape worked great and helped her to not be scared of the doctor.

Apparently you can still get tired of running around even with a 'Super Cape' on.

Super Capes 055

Thanks Mom you are the Greatest Grandma Debbie ever!!!! We love you :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ava has been loving the kittens a little (a lot) too much lately. We often find her carrying one by the neck or pulling one out from under the couch by it's tail.
The other day was my Bunco night so Chris decided to grill on the BBQ for his dinner. He went out to put the steaks on and Ava wanted to watch him so she got up on the couch to look out the window for him. It only took Chris a couple of minutes, but when he came in he saw Ava on the couch leaned up against the window. He told her to get down and that is when he noticed the kitty. It was in the crook of her elbow being held around it's neck and she had been leaning on it so she could see outside. Chris yelled at her to put it down and when she did it just fell on the couch and didn't move!!! Ava had Totally Knocked it Out!!!! By the time Chris got over to it Wally had started to move and then jumped up and ran away.
I don't know how to make her stop squishing these kittens. She is not allowed to hold them and she can only pet them if we are watching her. The second me or Chris are not paying attention she runs for the kitties and starts loving (squishing) them.

I think I might go crazy telling her to STOP SQUISHING THE KITTENS all day long!

(she doesn't mean to hurt them she just is loving them a little to much!)

Winston and Wally 022

Friday, July 9, 2010


We had our first set of stitches at the Taylor household yesterday. Poor Myla was riding her princess scooter down the driveway and somehow fell off, did a front flip and landed on her face. I think the screw from her front wheel hit her at some point and that is what cut her so bad :( She got twelve stitches total. There are three inside because it was soooo deep and nine on the outside. The stitches weren't the painful part for her it was the shots to numb her that where horrible!
The nurse numbed her first and then the doctor came in to do the stitches and did two whole stitches with Myla screaming before he said I think the shots have wore off.( I mean really could you not have noticed that the second that you stuck the needle in the first time and she started screaming!) So the doctor had to do a whole bunch of more shots before she went numb.

This picture was from last night after she had come home and taken a two hour nap.

This was from this morning when it started to swell. I didn't get any pictures of it tonight but the swelling has got a lot worse.

The next pictures are kind of gross. If you get grossed out easily don't scroll down!!!
Chris took this picture on his phone while we were waiting for the doctor.

This was right after she was finished with her stitches
Hopefully it will heal well and she won't have too bad of a scar from it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Proud Mommy

We could not be more proud of our little Ava Jean she decided to potty train herself yesterday!!! We thought it may be a one time deal, but she has done the deed two more times today :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Round Em Up!

We took the girls to their first rodeo at the Lehi Round up. I love that they are finally getting old enough to make taking them places a little easier!

Jamie, Levi and Baby Trigg came up to go with us on Thursday. We sat right by the gates and the whistle was so loud poor Baby Trigg we thought he was going to go deaf!

The highlights of the rodeo for us were the motorcycles the girls are still talking about them. Myla also experienced her first public urination behind the restrooms because the line was just too long ; ) We are definitely doing this again next year!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Replacements

If you have read my last two posts you know that we lost our two kittens :( Yesterday I remembered that a friend of mine from my Bunco group had 6 kittens. So today we went to her house and came home with Winston and Wally!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So SAD !

To all of my Harvest Hills neighbors we have lost both of our new kittens :( If you see a gray and a orange kitten please let me know because I have two very sad girls at my house right now. We think they made have gone for a ride under Chris's truck or they may have gotten sick of being squished, poked, and dragged around everywhere.

We miss you Tom and Ruby come home please!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

Do you remember Elmyra from Looney Tunes and her cat Furball (I loved that show)
Well we have two Elmyra's and two Furball's at our house.
When you look at these pictures imagine my children are saying: I will love and I will squeeze you and I will make you my very own!

We told my Grandpa Jim that we could have one of there kittens. Well Grandpa drove three hours and brought two kittens so how do you tell him sorry only one please.
Ava's favorite way to hold them is squeezing them by the neck!

Myla's favorite thing to do is hug them as hard as she can!

These kittens are definitely not being neglected, mauled maybe but definitely not neglected!

Welcome to the family Tom and Ruby :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Myla has made it to the ripe old age of FOUR!!!!! She is very proud of this and tells every one from the grocery store clerk to the random person walking down the road :)

We took the girls bowling for her birthday since it was so cold outside. They loved it and both of them wanted NO help from Mom and Dad.

Our cheering section. They were so funny every time Chris or I bowled they would scream and cheer for us.

Daddy helping Myla
This is about as close as Ava would let you get to her when it was her turn. She wanted to do it all by herself.

in between turns Ava had fun entertaining herself by blowing her hair around with the hand blower.

We tried to let Myla roll the ball instead of using the ramp and she walked up put the ball down and kicked it as hard as she could.

I didn't get very many pictures of her party. we were too busy eating cake and opening presents. Thanks to everyone who came she got spoiled rotten!

I have to put this picture up of Myla she looks so stinking funny!!!!

We love you Boogs and are so happy to have you in our family!