Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Myla has made it to the ripe old age of FOUR!!!!! She is very proud of this and tells every one from the grocery store clerk to the random person walking down the road :)

We took the girls bowling for her birthday since it was so cold outside. They loved it and both of them wanted NO help from Mom and Dad.

Our cheering section. They were so funny every time Chris or I bowled they would scream and cheer for us.

Daddy helping Myla
This is about as close as Ava would let you get to her when it was her turn. She wanted to do it all by herself.

in between turns Ava had fun entertaining herself by blowing her hair around with the hand blower.

We tried to let Myla roll the ball instead of using the ramp and she walked up put the ball down and kicked it as hard as she could.

I didn't get very many pictures of her party. we were too busy eating cake and opening presents. Thanks to everyone who came she got spoiled rotten!

I have to put this picture up of Myla she looks so stinking funny!!!!

We love you Boogs and are so happy to have you in our family!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bippy Booby Dance

Myla had her first dance dress rehearsal last week. She will be performing 'Cinderella.' Her age group is dancing the Bippity Boppity Boo dance. It is so funny to try to hear Myla say the name of her dance. The first time she tried to tell me the name of it she said it was the Bippy Booby dance. You better believe I made her dance it for me as soon as we got home just to make sure it wasn't what I thought it was!

She got to wear real makeup for her rehearsal and every day since she has begged me to put some on her again.
Myla is turning 4 on May 4Th and it doesn't seem real to me that she is that old yet!
We love you Myla.