Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to climb big rocks!

On our trip to Capitol Reef Chris wanted to climb on top of Hickman's Bridge. It was really easy until we got to these huge rocks, of course I wanted to turn around, but Chris said no he would show me how to climb them!

(I love his face in this one)
I copied his every move and made it up successfully!!!! Chris didn't have any good moves for coming down. He made it down just fine, but I fell in this bush!!!!
Ouch, oh well it was worth the pretty view from the top! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This year we decided to go down South to Wayne County to visit Chris's family. We left Sunday morning and stayed till Tuesday afternoon we were going to leave on Monday but we were having so much fun that we stayed an extra day!
The girls had so much fun playing with their Grandpa and Grandma and their favorite Uncle Kyle! The girls spent most of their time running as soon as we would open the car or house door they would take off running and sometimes they were hard to catch!
Monday morning we went down to the Fremont cemetery and visited Chris's Grandpa and Grandma Taylor's graves.
This is their Grandpa Taylor trying to hold on to Ava while she was running!Next we went down to Teasdale to Visit Grandpa Hiskey's grave. This is Chris's Grandma Hiskey in front of his grave.
Chris running with Ava so she won't fall down on the gravel.
Myla running!
Chris chasing down a run away Ava! I told you all they did was run.
We left the girls with Chris's Mom and headed down to Capitol Reef to do a little hiking.
It looked like it was going to storm so we just hiked to Hickman's Bridge.
It was really pretty and a lot of fun! Thanks Taylor's for letting us stay with you we had a great time!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Daddy Birdy

My girls have been waking up between 6:00 and 6:30am recently. So I have been turning on cartoons for them and trying to sleep on the couch. This morning when we went down stairs and we found this little bird in the window well. It made the girls whole entire day!!!! Myla kept calling it the daddy birdy and Ava kept saying 'whasat' (what's that) and waving at it.

I think a cat hurt it because it kept trying to fly and it couldn't get off the ground. Luckily it got out somehow around ten o'clock so Chris didn't have to fish it out when he got home.

(Sorry the window is so dirty I don't think I have ever washed them, but it is now on my to do list!)

Little Drive

This past Monday Chris had some time before he had to go to work so we decided to go on a little drive up the hills. We found this beautiful green field with a view across the lake. The girls had tons of fun running through the grass and falling down.
This is Ava's attempt to put her hands up like Myla in the above picture. It was so cute!
When it was time to leave of course Myla through a huge fit and cried all the way home she kept yelling 'go play go play.' We are already planning another trip up there because the girls had so much fun!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Guess Who's Three....

Myla turned three last week. It is so weird to watch her grow up so fast! She used to be such a little chunk and now she has grown so tall and thin she doesn't even look like the same little girl at all!

Chris had to work on her birthday so we let her open her presents before he left. We gave her a doll house and as soon as she opened up the little dolls for it she didn't want to open the other presents. She would have been content to play with just them all day long. Good thing she has a little sister who loves to open presents Ava made short work of them for her.

Myla lives for birthday's it doesn't matter if it is her own or not. She sings the happy birthday song all year round. I can't light smelly candles in my house anymore because if Myla finds them she will start singing and always blow them out!
She was in heaven with everyone singing to her and blowing out her candles :)
I didn't get very many pictures of her birthday because it was kind of a rough day. It started out with the neighbors dog chomping one of our kittens the poor thing can't put weight on it's back foot :( Then we went to pick out Myla's balloons and she fell out of the shopping cart on her head!!! This picture kind of shows the lump and bruise but it doesn't do it justice at all.
What an awful thing to happen especially on her birthday. She was pretty upset the rest of the day so I didn't want to make her pose for pictures to much.
Myla we love you and hope that you had a good birthday and next year we will stay away from shopping carts!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Myla's Photo Shoot

I have been taking a photography class for a few weeks now. Last Saturday we had our first photo shoot. I only took Myla because it is just too hard being the Mommy and the Photographer. It was also freezing so please ignore Myla's ugly jacket she really had on a cute outfit under it. Also this is only my first try so don't judge me to hard. Here are a few of my favorites:

When ever Myla sees a camera she screams runs in circles and starts to cry so I am pretty lucky to have got any shots of her not screaming. I can't wait to go out again with both of my girls this time (I think I will bring Chris and he can be the Daddy while I take the pictures).My teacher is going to be giving more classes. If you are interested check out her website.