Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh My Goodness

If you saw my post from earlier today you already know that Myla has a love for Chap stick. We put the girls to bed tonight and I was down stairs watching TV and thought that I heard something upstairs. I walked up stairs to find Myla on the couch looking like this......


The little weasel had hid her chap stick in the pocket of her sweatshirt that she wore to bed. It was all I could do to not bust out laughing when I saw her, but I kept a straight face washed her face and sent her back to bed.

Myla has definitely lost her chap stick privileges for a while!

Chap Stick Anyone?

You know when your house gets really quiet all of a sudden and you just know that your kids are up to something. I found my girls in the corner of Ava's room rubbing Myla's new chap stick on as fast as they could! It was so funny and I tried really hard not to laugh :)

You can't tell from the picture very good but Myla's has about a half an inch thick of chap stick on her lips!

Ava had already licked and eaten most of hers off before I could grab the camera!

I love those two little ones they really can keep me laughing all day long :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Big Day

Santa definitely came to our house!

The loot before the girls saw it

Myla asked Santa for Sparkly Chap sticks and was so excited when she opened it up!
She also got her favorite movie

Ava was excited over everything that she opened up

You gotta love her bed head! She decided that she would snitch Myla's Chap sticks and the dogs new toy. You never know what they will like to play with at this age!

We had a very good Christmas this year and Myla is already deciding what to ask for next Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Growing up one of my families favorite family traditions was having my Dad read The Grinch That Stole Christmas on Christmas Eve. This year we decided to take the girls over so my Dad could read it to them. They loved it and actually payed attention the whole time.

Myla and Grandma Debbie
Chris tickling the girls

My little sister Jamie and her husband Levi came up to spend Christmas with all of us :)

This is Ava's favorite face to pull lately...

I wonder were she learned it from...

HEHEHE! Sorry Jamie I told you I was going to post it!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Myla had her preschool singing Christmas Party and Santa came to visit at the end. The girls were so excited to see him, but poor Ava preferred to see him from a distance!
Myla was so funny she liked to sing the songs, but she preferred to dance to them. I wish I had video of it so I could tease her when she is older.

I just had to put this picture of Ava on here she is one funny little kid!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Can't Wait!

I am so excited this year for Christmas! It has been so much fun singing and dancing to Christmas songs with the girls and wrapping presents with them. They are both such a fun age for Christmas right now. I can't wait for Christmas morning when they see that Santa has come!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fun In the Snow

The girls were so excited to play in the snow this year!

Ava is such a little cheeser face!
They now beg to go back out to play all day long!!!! I hate being cold I am definitely a Summer kind of girl. I would move to a warmer state if I could bring all of my extended family with us!


I hope that I can laugh about this Thanksgiving in a couple of years it was Crazy. I was supposed to have it at my house for all of my side of the family. Things changed Monday morning when we thought Ava had Chicken Pocks. Not all of my Nieces and Nephews have had them before and we didn't want to spread the joy of them around. My awesome Mom said she would have it at her house and we were just going to stay home with our contagious child! The next morning Ava woke up way worse her eye was swollen shut and the little spots were huge now and it definitely was not Chicken Pocks. We took her to the Doctor and he told us it was a severe allergic reaction to something.

The next day Chris found this in the Garage...
A mink he had chewed his way in through the doggy door and had made him self at home eating the dog food. I had no idea how bad mink STINK!!!! Chris caught him with his fishing net and threw him in the dog kennel until the animal control came to pick him up!

We were able to attend Thanksgiving because Ava didn't have Chicken Pocks my Mom was still kind enough to have it at her house.
Chris deep fried a turkey to take this year it was sooo good!

Everyone at my Mom and Dad's house.

Mom thanks for saving me again I owe you a big one!!!!! You did an awesome job!

Halloween a Little Late!

I am horrible it is December and I am just barely posting Halloween, at least I did it before Christmas.
Ava was a zebra this year
Myla was Snow White

Chris had to work this year so we went to see my Mom at the Hutchings Museum were she works. The girls love going there to see Grandma of course, but they love the fish and bugs and rocks and all of the fun little things Grandma shows them.

In jail with Grandma!

After the Museum we went to visit Chris at work so he could see them in their costumes.

This is Chris getting attacked by a zebra!

My Mom helped me take them around her neighborhood while Grandpa passed out candy. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me out this year