Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Sally

She is Chris's early Father's Day present. She's a six week old Beagle and the newest member of our family.

Here is a list of all of Sally's favorite things to do:

Eat my carpet
Eat my rug
Eat my furniture
Howl (she doesn't bark she howls)
Eat Myla's Princess dresses
Eat the girls toys
Tackle Ava
Pee constantly
Wake up howling at all hours of the night!
Wake up sleeping children
Oh did I mention I am allergic to her! My eyes swell shut!
I now know why God made puppies so cute, you would give them away after the first night if they didn't have those big puppy eyes!

The plan was to make her an inside/outside dog, but that changed when I woke up with swollen shut eyes. She will become an outside dog as soon as Chris can put up her fence.
I have to admit even after all of these horrible things she has won us over and I think we will keep her!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Might Just Need One of These.....

This past weekend we went down to Cedar City for Gary's (Chris's brother) sons baby blessing. Sorry I didn't get any pictures we barely made it on time!!! Since we were in Cedar we had to stop and play at Jamie's house and visit her new puppy Dually!
I stole this picture off her blog. He is so flipping cute!!!! My girls had so much fun playing with him and her two other dogs Sage and 'D'.
Ava loved the dogs, but she got knocked down so we put here in her highchair so she would be safe. She decided to feed them her vanilla wafers. Which they loved!
Chris loved Dually too, he kept trying to steal him and throw him in the car! After seeing how good my girls were with the dogs and how much Chris loved that puppy we might be needing one of our own!
Thanks for the yummy food and and fun time Levi and Jamie! Can't wait to see you next month.
So every morning Ava and Myla have a race to the back door to see if Pollywog the cat is back there yet for her food. Myla slept in this morning so Ava got to look first. It was so cute she squealed when she saw her and grabbed a book and started reading it to the cat while she ate her food.

She is just too cute!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bubbles & Rocks

Myla has been obsessed with bubbles lately! She is not the best bubble blower around though, she gets more in her mouth then she gets into actual bubbles. So of course she makes me blow them! Blowing bubbles is not as easy as it looks. Sure it is fine for the first few blows then you start to get dizzy and faint and get a really bad headache. I don't know maybe I am just a bubble blowing pansy. Myla got some birthday money so I let her buy a bubble machine! I love this thing it keeps them busy for a while and it saves me from the headaches.
No way could I ever blow this many bubbles with out passing out!

Myla likes to stick her face right where the bubbles come out so they will pop on her. (It also covers her face and hair in soap not fun.)
When Ava decided that she was done with bubbles she started stuffing rocks in her mouth!
Ava is so funny she knows that she is not supposed to eat rocks so she will stuff as many as she can in her mouth and take off running and giggling! She gets so mad when you take them away from her. I don't get it, they can't taste good! I think it must be that she knows that she isn't supposed to have them that makes them so much fun. She's crazy but I love her!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My sister Wendy let me borrow her two adorable little boys Bear (Klayton) and Kolby Tre to practice taking pictures on. It was definitely an interesting photo shoot!!! My sister liked the pictures that I took of my little girls in this field so we headed back up there. As soon as we stepped out of the car her son Bear started having horrible allergies (he also has asthma) !!!! We decided to hurry and try to get some good pictures before he got too bad. The poor little guy was sneezing, itching, or rubbing his eyes in almost every picture. I felt so bad for him so we left after about 20 min. because he was so miserable! I did get some decent pictures in between sneezes though. These are a few of the best ones

I had to put this picture in here to show you how bad Bear was. He got hives all over his body, his eyes swelled up huge. He had to have a breathing treatment and a lot of Benedryl to get him back to his happy little self!
Bear I am so sorry!!! Thanks for being such a good sport for me! I am glad you are OK. We love ya :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Look Amazing :)

For Myla's Birthday she got a Tinkerbell dress. She instantly fell in love with it and insisted that she put it on immediately. After she got it on she did this little twirl thing and looked down at her self and said, "WOW, I LOOK AMAZING." She now has to wear it all day long and we have to beg her to take it off before bed.
The other day we were in my Mom's backyard and got some pretty cute pictures of her in it.