Monday, December 3, 2012

Half a Christmas

Our Christmas tree is pretty pathetic this year! We couldn't put the ornaments on the bottom half of it because well, let's face the truth we own two crazy little monsters that eat ornaments for lunch.  We are not even sure if this poor bald tree will even make it till Christmas because the boys still won't leave it alone.  They have now figured out how to plug and unplug the lights which is just fabulous news.  Oh well at least we tried and have a picture to prove it!
I think we will still keep them.  Good thing they are cute little stinkers!


Lynnette said...

They are cute little stinkers, and half a tree is better than no tree! Merry Christmas!

Mikelle and Ben said...

Hey, that's what our tree looks like too! But what else can you do? Those boys are so darn cute!!! :)