Sunday, February 19, 2012


Lately I have been feeling guilty that I haven't been giving all my kids the same amount of attention.  I usually have one if not both boys crawling all over me.  I try to give the girls attention when the boys are asleep,  but then there isn't anytime for cleaning or a shower. Ava gets some alone time with me when Myla is at school and the boys are napping. Poor Myla,  I feel like she gets neglected a lot because she already knows how to do things on her own.  I wish I could just freeze moments during the day so that I can make sure that they all feel loved and cared for. I don't want people to think I am complaining because I am not.  I know how blessed I am to have these four kiddos I think I just need to vent.

This most likely is not a great post for people to read, but I want to remember,

Myla: age 5

Loves anything sparkly or pink or purple
very tender hearted
loves drawing and coloring
loves kindergarten and is worried I will be lonely without her
great big sister and helper to Mommy.
loves being with friends
favorite princesses are Jasmine and Ariel
complete sweetheart
very smart with her letters and numbers
likes to do her homework

Ava: age 3

Loves animals
has a love hate relationship with bugs
constantly talks about dragons, dinosaurs and Bolt the dog
likes making everyone laugh
she is very stubborn
Loves playing with her big sister
she has a special spark about her that instantly makes you fall in love with her
loves snuggling with Mommy
calls her stuffed animals her friends and insists on sleeping with all of them

Khale: 11 months

Loves his Daddy
always has his tongue out or a binky in his mouth and one in his hand
army crawls with the best of them
stands up and walks along things
tries to climb everything
great cuddler
loves being held by Mommy
He has the best belly laugh ever
loves clapping
no teeth
climbs stairs

Greyson: 11 months

He is a Mommas boy (I love it)
is always talking and jabbering at someone or something
likes to shake his head when we say no no
loves clapping
fast crawler especially if he sees an open bathroom door or pantry
great cuddler
he has 6 teeth
loves eating fuzzies and everything yucky off the floor
he is always pulling the best faces (cheerio face and his adorable scrunched up nose face)
loves laughing
Smiles really big with his eyes closed
loves playing with Daddy

Hopefully this will help me remember these crazy busy days a little bit better in the future!

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